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Revolutionizing Your Marketing Strategy with Google’s Free Keyword Tool

Revolutionizing Your Marketing Strategy with Google’s Free Keyword Tool

Google is without a doubt one of the most valuable tools in online advertising. In fact, Google AdWords accounts for about 70 percent of the entirety of the search-ad industry. Hence, it really is no surprise that Google has also introduced its free keyword research tool. This tool can help businesses identify potential target keywords and improve their rankings on Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). By utilizing Google’s free keyword tool, businesses can effectively revolutionize their marketing strategy.

The Google Keyword Planner is accessible through Google AdWords and can be used by anyone with a Google account. The tool provides businesses with an exhaustive list of potential keywords that can be used as part of their marketing strategy. These keywords include search terms, their monthly search volumes, competitive levels, and average CPCs.

Using Google AdWords, businesses can identify potential keywords and assess the competitiveness of those keywords. Competitive keywords have a high CPC, indicating that many companies and advertisers are trying to target those keywords. As such, businesses can also use this information to identify potential gaps in the market; those low competition keywords that can be targeted with ease. This can help businesses develop unique and effective marketing strategies to grow their brand online.

The Google keyword tool allows businesses to identify specific keywords related to their industry or product. For instance, a business that sells sportswear can use the tool to generate a list of potential keywords that are being used by users to find sportswear. By identifying high performing keywords, businesses can then optimize their website pages and create relevant content around those keywords. This, in turn, helps to increase the chances of the website appearing high up in search engine results, improving visibility and driving traffic.

Furthermore, the tool can also help businesses identify negative keywords. Negative keywords are essentially words that attract irrelevant traffic to your site resulting in lower engagement rates, longer website load times and lower SEO SEO rankings. Identifying these keywords and excluding them from your campaign can save you a significant amount of money by reducing ad spend.

Finally, Google’s keyword research tool also helps businesses identify possible forecast or future trends. Using the “trends” function on the tool, the businesses can see how specific keywords have been performing over the years, as well as identify trends that may shape future demand.

In conclusion, the Google keyword research tool is an incredibly valuable resource for businesses looking to develop effective marketing strategies. The tool can help businesses to identify potential keywords, create meaningful campaigns, and drive targeted traffic to their website. With the tool’s ability to narrow down the focus, businesses can ensure their marketing message is delivered to the right audience, at the right time. Ultimately, businesses that learn how to use Google’s Keyword Planner can stay ahead of their competition, revolutionizing their marketing strategy and achieving business success.

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