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Are u going to sell on Amazon? Need best keyword research? We will generate Amazon Keywords report from paid tool and then manually. We have Upgrade Technique with our experience. We are SEO expert with 100% Success Rate. We will do best Amazon research Services. You don’t west money to buy Google keyword research from other sellers.

We will provide you keywords that boost your sales and improve your BSR. We will provide you keywords that have a high search volume and super relevant to your product. This keyword will also helpful in ranking and PPC campaigns and also improve your ACOS ratio.

Why you Choose me?

These are the following points which may admire you to hire for your project:

  • Deep knowledge of Keyword research.
  • Working for 1 year with the permanent client.
  • I have purchased top tools that can provide the best result.
  • Provide keywords as per your product requirement.
  • Provide an Excel sheet of high and medium-range search volume.
  • Support until you are satisfied.

Two types of Amazon keyword Research

  1. Seller
  2. Affiliate

For seller:

  1. one Year search Value
  2. Seo friendly key-word research
  3. Best searching Key-words For Your Niche
  4. long tail
  5. Main Key-words for products
  6. Low Competition key-words
  7. Competitors analysis
  8. CPC Report
  9. All location Based
  10. Bonus Keywords
  11. help for writing titles

Competitors = Avg sells detais+Avg. Daily Revenue+total sellers+hidden key-words

Also, Research Your product’s Amazon Competition level

Affiliate :

  1. Low Competition Research For Your Niche
  2. Long Tail Key-Words
  3. Best buying key- word
  4. Per Month Real Local Search
  5. Per Month Suggested Bid
  6. Google Title Competition
  7. Detail Report In Excel File

✔ competitor keywords ✔ cpc keywords ✔ Long Tail keywords ✔ Search terms 300+ keyword research

2 Days Delivery

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